Thursday, August 25, 2011


Thankful=joyful. This has never made more sense to me than it has now. I have been compiling a list of daily gifts for months now, after being inspired by the book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. I can actually see how it has changed my way of thinking and how I view my everyday life. Ordinary things are now seen as gifts.. moments are not taken for granted, but are seen as the biggest blessings.

I have found that being thankful for everything..good or bad..big or little..can truly make you joyful. God surrounds us with gifts it a pretty sunrise, puffy clouds, a smile, laughter, flowers, hugs and kisses, messes to clean, patience, struggles..there is always an opportunity to thank our Maker. He is so good to us and is constantly seeking a relationship with us. He loves and cares about us so much and always wants what is best for us. Be it trials or open doors, He has a plan..guiding us through this small period of time here on earth before we get to be with Him for eternity. He is so worthy of our praise in good times or bad. And it is such an awesome feeling to think He puts these gifts in our lives every single day.

I find when I get off track, when my priorities are out of order, when I lose focus of what is really important, or when I simply stop acknowledging my gifts..I not only feel, but know I'm not at my best.

I know I am at my best and the most joyful when I am reading His word daily, nurturing my relationship, praying and talking to Him throughout my day, asking for help, praising Him, being thankful, meditating on verses I write on my chalkboard, setting an example, teaching my children and being mindful of my gifts. Without a doubt everything else just falls into place.

Thank you, Jesus, for being the greatest example of love. Thank you for loving me even though I am so undeserving. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for your mercy and grace. Thank you for my so many blessings. And thank you for the gifts you place in my life everyday.


  1. Ahh...this is one of my favorite songs...I sing it to the kids at night. ;) Fabulous post

  2. stopping to take a moment and realize that even the smallest details throughout the day are actually little gifts makes all the difference :)